Remember when men had large, non-ironic beards and made things with their hands from natural surroundings? Neither do we, but it sounds so idyllic. Chad Parkinson is living that very dream, using his own hands and beard to make beautifully-crafted, stylish furniture from giant trees. ...(continue reading...)

-City Home Collective

Our past and current machines have featured a lot of custom woodwork done by one of our woodshop neighbor  Chad Parkinson, owner of the Furniture Joint. Chad also helped design the re-model of our current office space and tasting room. He is featured below and happened to be the winner of the people’s choice award and second place overall with his “V.I.C. Lounge” chair. V.I.C. meaning “Very Important Chair,” name created by Alpha Dominche’s Ike Bombeck...(continue reading...)

-Alpha Dominche

Not too many people look for things that will last, but those who do have a few places in town to turn to -- one of them sitting in the growing Granary District, where you can find The Furniture Joint. Founder Chad Parkinson puts his woodworking skills to great use, crafting out handmade furniture using mostly traditional forms of construction, creating working pieces that will stand out in your home and last longer than a year. Today, I chat with Parkinson about his business and the art form of...(continue reading...)

-City Weekly

Chad keeps the woodworking tradition alive by using as many purist techniques as he can employ. He does have to use some machinery, but only out of necessity, and definitely not by choice. Chad doesn’t own a laptop, and everything drafted is done by hand. Every corner, every grain, hand-selected, hand-hewn and made with precision and care…(continue reading...)

-Salt Artists

He is a friend and an innovator and a true lover of the craft.  Not to mention an important part of the new guard, keeping the Salt lake City woodworking scene vibrant...(continue reading...)

-Ivory Bill